My Perfect Lashes

fuller, bolder and more amplified lashes in an instant.


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    My Perfect Lashes is an instant bold mascara, paired with our delicate lash extending fibres. This easy to use 2-in-1 formula enhances your natural lashes, creating a fuller and more dramatic effect.

    The layer-building technology allows you to create your desired look, ranging from natural to a bold look.

    <li>Start with the grey side of My Perfect Lashes.</li>
    <li>Apply an even coat of our silicone based mascara.</li>
    <li>Whilst the first coat is still wet, apply the white side which contains the lash fibres.</li>
    <li>Apply a second even coat of the mascara.</li>
    <li>As our formula has layer-building technology, you can repeat until you have the desired effect.</li>

    • Silicone base mascara ensures easy application for no flaking
    • Bristled brush for smudge proof application
    • Easy to remove and gentle for sensitive eyes
    • Layer-building technology which allows you to build your desired look


fuller, bolder and more amplified lashes in an instant.

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