My Perfect Eyes FAQ's

can i wear make-up with my perfect eyes?


My Perfect Eyes gives an instant result but it is best to allow the product to completely dry and set before applying make-up to ensure the product has completely set.

However, you should not use an oil based make-up on top of My Perfect Eyes as this can dissolve the delicate veil that My Perfect Eyes forms across the skin and therefore diminish the effects. A mineral based foundation, cream to powder, compressed powder/bronzer or a mousse is best applied gently with a make-up brush. We recommend our own silky color adapting brand – My Perfect Foundation, specifically designed to pair with My Perfect Eyes.

can i use moisturizer when using my perfect eyes?

Yes! You can apply moisturizer or primer to the rest of the face and neck but should avoid the under eye area where you are wearing My Perfect Eyes.

My Perfect Eyes forms an invisible veil under the eye area and to achieve those amazing results it must be in direct contact with clean dry skin. If you use a moisturizer underneath My Perfect Eyes it cannot work effectively.

Don’t worry though, as you can still get your daily fix of moisturizers and serums on that under eye area if you apply them before bed, after you have removed My Perfect Eyes.

why does my perfect eyes leave a white, powder residue sometimes?

There are three possible reasons why a powdery white substance can appear:

    • The bottle has not been shaken enough, prior to use.
      The product should appear as a smooth pink gel. It can settle over time and look a little ‘gritty’, if that’s the case – screw the lid back on tightly and firmly shake the bottle to mix it thoroughly.
    • Too much product has been used.
      Only a very thin layer of My Perfect Eyes should be use. A pea sized amount will be more than enough for both eyes. Sweep under the eye area anywhere where you have lines, puffiness or dark circles, then feather the product down over the top of the cheek bone and upwards across the crows feet area. If the area looks visibly ‘wet’ then you have applied too much.
    • There is an oil-based product present, either underneath or has been applied afterwards.
      My Perfect Eyes forms an invisible veil under the eye area and to achieve those amazing results it must be in direct contact with clean dry skin. If you use a moisturizer underneath My Perfect Eyes it cannot work effectively. If you use a oil based product over the top, it will dissolve the delicate veil and diminish the results.Still having issues? Watch our application tutorial:
how should my perfect eyes be stored?

Extremes of temperature may have adverse effects on the product, so it is best to store My Perfect Eyes at an ambient room temperature with the lid fully secure and tightened and use within 18 months of opening.

how should my perfect eyes be removed?

My Perfect Eyes should be removed with warm water only. Soak two cotton pads in water and place over the eyes and allow the product to simply dissolve.

You do not need need to scrub the area or use any type of cleansers to remove.

how long should a bottle of my perfect eyes last for?

My Perfect Eyes comes in a 10g and a 20g bottle providing approximately 100 or 200 applications.

Used every day a 200 application bottle should last approximately 6 months, but most customers say that using it for weekends and special occasions it can last all year, if stored correctly.

will my perfect eyes have long-term beneficial effects?

My Perfect Eyes is not a ‘treatment’ for fine lines and wrinkles but a temporary cosmetic solution.

Consider it as an invisible primer or concealer for masking imperfections on the under eye area.

Is my perfect eyes harmful?


My Perfect Eyes is perfectly safe to use daily – it is classified as a non-color cosmetic alongside other daily cosmetics that do contain color, such as mascara, lipstick etc.

The only difference with My Perfect Eyes is that you don’t ‘top up’ your application throughout the day as you would with a lipstick. One application will give you results for up to 8 hours.

If you do decide you would like to re-apply, for example if you’ve worn My Perfect Eyes to work all day and are now heading out for the evening – you can do this, but first you must remove the first application of product completely with warm water and then start the application process again.


my perfect facial faq's

what are the long-term beneficial effects of my perfect facial?

My Perfect Facial gives instant and ongoing results.

You can use the Facial treatment ad hoc for special occasions, however, you will get the most benefit out of the product if you use it regularly once a week.

If you decide to stop using My Perfect Facial on a regular basis your face will just go back to normal but customers who have used My Perfect Facial over a period of time have reported improvements in the elasticity and muscle tone of their skin even when not applied as often.

how often should my perfect facial be used?

My Perfect Facial is a weekly treatment.

When you first start using the product, we recommend that it is applied three times in the first week, twice the week after that and then once weekly thereafter for maintenance.

This will really kick start the changes to your skin and accelerate your results.

how long does the perfect facial kit last for?

My Perfect Facial comes in 5, 10 or 50 treatment kits. How long they last depends on how often you use the masks.

We recommend using the product three times in the first week, twice in the second week, and then weekly thereafter, adding the Facial treatment to your usual skin regimen to take your skincare to the next level.

Therefore the Facial 5 start pack will last 2 weeks if it’s your first time purchase, a month if it’s part of ongoing weekly treatments.

The 10 treatment pack will last you 2 months if it’s your first time purchase, over 2 months if it’s part of ongoing weekly treatments.

The Pro 50 treatment pack will last you for a whole year.

how should my perfect facial be stored?

Best stored at room temperature.

We recommend purchasing one of our cosmetics cases to safely store all the elements of your Facial kits together.

what’s in my perfect facial?

My Perfect Facial contains a unique blend of herb, fruit extracts, proteins, minerals and enzymes.

Two of the ingredients, cornstarch and papaya, are used to tighten and exfoliate while Marine Algae helps to refine the pores.

website faq's

where do I apply my coupon code?

The coupon code is applied at the checkout.

Enter it here before you complete your billing details.

delivery faq’s

how long does delivery take?

We always advise of up to a 1-14 day turn around, however it normally takes 1-7 business days depending on the state and region.

who will deliver my order?

Your order will be delivered by the postal service

does my package need signing for?

No, you will not need to sign for your package. It is on a tracked only service.

will my package go through the mailbox?

Your package will not go through the mailbox.